Product Level Settings

Control the product template settings on individual product level.

The default settings does apply for all your product if you force it. However, there are products that you want to present differently, right? Well, we covered that as well. You can set the different product templates for your special products and make them stand out from the others.

Here's the product level options -

Enable WooCommerce Product Page Builder

This option will enable the product page builder settings for your product. If you haven't set to force the template for all your products and simply want to use the template for one of your products instead, you can do that with just enabling this setting. Once this option is set to "YES", this product will begin displaying the content layout from the product template you set as default, unless you change the next option for the template type.

Product Template Type

This option allows you to either inherit the template from the global options, choose different template from existing library or create custom template for this product only. Here are the three options explained -

  • Plugin Default - It will inherit your default template from the Woo Templates -> Settings page. You can change the global default template anytime you want.

  • Use Existing - You can choose the template for this product from existing templates if you've created any. You can import the templates from the library and choose them from here as well.

  • Create Custom - You can create custom template for this product using Fusion Builder. Similar to what the template layout under Woo Template is designed. If you choose this option, the existing product description content will be moved to the custom meta box and will be replaced with Fusion Builder layout.

Product Template

If you choose to use the existing template from the template type, this option is enabled. This option populates the list of all available Woo Templates you've imported or created yourself. The selected template will be used to generate the layout for this product on the frontend. You can change the product template anytime you need.

Product Description Tab

If you choose to create custom template for this product, this option will be enabled. This content will be displayed in the product description tab. The content is copied from the editor so we can use it as the description tab content. You can edit the content here whenever required.

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