Template Settings

Control the global default options for your templates.

The template settings located in the admin menu under Woo Templates controls the default global options for the product templates. When you choose the default option for the product level settings, these settings will be inherited.

Here's the settings screen for the templates -

Default Template

This template will be used for all your products if you choose to. You can even set individual products different templates by changing the settings for that product. There are options available to choose the template from existing library you created or even you can create the template for individual product from the product edit screen itself.

Force Woo Templates

If you want to set the Woo Product template for all your products, you can simply set this option to "YES" and all your products will inherit the template you selected in the above default template setting.

Forcing the template for all product can be overridden by individual product settings.

Empty Cart Template

This will control the design of Empty Cart page on your site. You can design your custom cart template as a regular page with Fusion Builder and then save that page as Fusion Builder Template in the library. The templates will appear in the dropdown of this option and you can choose the template you want to use as your Empty Cart page.

Template Library

This section shows you the list of pre-built templates we designed for you to get started. Just hit the Import button to import the template you want to use. The template will be imported to the Woo Templates and can be edited for your preferences.

Once the template is imported, you can set it as default template from the same screen without even refreshing the page :) You can import the same template as many times as you need so you can edit the styling for different pages without affecting the actual template.

We are constantly working on adding new product templates and the library is going to increase in future so you can get more designs to choose from. If you have any design in mind or a mockup ready for the template, please send it our way and we will take care of the rest to design and include it in the pre-built library.

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